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Three Reasons why Online Timesheet > Paper-Based Time Tracking

1. Online Timesheets are more flexible and easier to update
A work schedule is created right at the time you post it, however from time to time things can be changed quickly. For example, people take a leave or call in sick and with an online timesheet this can be maintained. Other staff will know that a time slot has opened, and what is left to complete within a project. Paper timesheets can sometimes become confusing for workers. With the mess of time, dates and names, its common for employees to make mistakes.

2. Online Timesheets enhance accurate time and productivity.
Online Timesheets are less prone to guesswork and the rounding up of hours. According to a survey from Software Advice, with paper timesheets, nearly half of all hourly workers admit to exaggerating the amount of time they work each shift.

It may seem harmless to over estimate a few minutes here and there, but that time adds up. A study conducted by the American Payroll Association found that over the course of a year, un ethical time enhancement can cost a business up to 7% of its annual gross payroll. Without an online timesheet, there is no way to monitor – or address – this behaviour.

3. Your employees dislike paperwork.
Time recording can become a job on its own. Workers who’ve had a big day, don’t like the extra administrative burden of filling out forms, and when they treat it like an unwanted chore, the data can then become sloppy.